I guide for the tour company , mostly in South America, and occasionally elsewhere.

I guide both birding and bird photography trips, or can help set you up with another guide if I am unavailable.

Tropical Birding runs set-departure and custom tours all over the world (and not just in the tropics), including Argentina, Australia, Bhutan, Borneo, Botswana, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Galapagos, Guatemala, Guyana, Kazakhstan, Iceland, India, Japan, Kenya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Namibia, New Zealand, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, The Philippines, Rwanda, São Tomé & Príncipe, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka,Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, USA, and Zambia. For more information, browse to www.tropicalbirding.com or send us an email at . You are also welcome to email be directly using the email address at the bottom of the page.

Cheetah - As much as I love birds, this was one of my favorite sightings on a trip to Kenya in 2012.

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